Why Can’t You Hire the Best Maintenance Technician Candidates?

Recruiting Top Maintenance Technicians

When it comes to recruiting maintenance technicians it can feel like an impossible task to find a talented candidate. With numbers of maintenance technicians forecast to grow by a whopping 13% between 2019-2029, it is a candidate’s market. As an employer, you need to work hard to attract the most talented candidates.

If you are not getting the caliber of candidates applying for your vacant roles that you were expecting, there could be several reasons why. In this article, we will cover the main reasons and how you can address them.

Reasons You’re Not Attracting Top Maintenance Technicians

For many organizations, from property managers to hotels, finding a reliable and talented maintenance technician is a real challenge. Despite your best efforts, the candidates applying to your roles are not up to scratch. Some key strategies you can take to attract a better caliber of candidates in the future include:

·      Assessing Your Recruitment Process

If you are experiencing problems recruiting maintenance technicians, you need to assess and understand your recruitment process from end-to-end. Look at all aspects of your strategy and where they can be improved.

This will include things such as where you are advertising (on job boards, social media etc.), what you are offering, how fast your time to hire is, and so on.

·      Assess Your Company Branding

As a company, you need to develop and maintain a brand that will help you attract top talent.

There is high competition among companies to attract top talent for maintenance technician jobs. As an employer, how candidates perceive your company could be the factor that affects the quality of candidate you attract.

If your competitors are viewed more positively as an employer, talented maintenance staff are more likely to apply for their jobs or accept a competing offer in preference to yours.

Employer branding often comes down to two departments – marketing and HR. They will help spread the message of your internal culture, create brand advocates, and be the face of your recruitment initiative.

·      Offer More Than a Good Salary

Of course, you need to pay your maintenance technicians a competitive salary. However, you should look beyond salary for other methods of compensation to offer. This is especially true to attract millennials to your role. A study by HR platform CutShort showed that a huge 85% of millennials agree that salary is not the most important factor when job hunting.

Enticing benefits that show you value your employees and care about their wellbeing, include:

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Tools allowances
  • Healthcare
  • Discount programs

Consult a Specialist Recruiter

Recruiting top talent for your maintenance technician jobs is difficult. But specialist recruiters can make the process simple and painless. By consulting a specialist recruiter, you will:

  • Save time

Time to hire for maintenance roles has increased across industries. Using a specialist recruiter can fast-track your hiring processes and make your company more efficient.

  • Recruiters understand the maintenance skills you need

In many cases, unlike using your internal HR department, specialist maintenance technician recruiters understand the variety of roles a technician will take on. They can thoroughly screen candidates, so you are only presented with those who have the skills you need.

  • Get access to top candidates

Specialist recruiters have a wide network. They will be in contact with candidates you may not be able to reach alone. They have fostered relationships with their network, understand what individual candidates are looking for, and will be able to find you a suitable match.

Summing Up

The demand for maintenance technicians is growing across the country and is forecast to continue. This high demand has created a candidates’ market, and the competition for quality candidates is high.

Your company cannot simply advertise and hope for the best. You must be proactive in attracting talent. Look at what your company is offering in compensation, how smooth your hiring process is, how long it is taking you to hire and what your brand’s reputation is in the industry.

Remember, too, that the highest-quality candidates for maintenance roles are likely to receive multiple offers – it’s not only a goods salary that these candidates are looking for, but a package that provides better work/life balance and career advancement.

In a competitive hiring market, clients find the recruitment services we provide are second to none. For more information, contact MForce today.