What Questions Should You Ask a Process Engineer in the Interview?

The Best Interview Questions for Finding a Top Process Engineer

Interviewing a process engineer can be a challenge. How can you figure out in a limited time if a candidate is the right person for the job? The primary factors you will need to consider when searching for the right candidate are:

  • Will they get along with your current engineering team?
  • Do they have the skills to troubleshoot problems and design new processes?

Tailored interview questions will help to establish whether a candidate ticks the boxes. All you need to establish is what questions you should ask.

Example Interview Questions for a Process Engineer

Finding the right process engineer is important to the success and productivity of your team. You need someone who has specialist skills to help design and implement processes that will help your company improve its efficiency.

When interviewing candidates, the questions you ask should test experience, analytical and technical skills, and the shared values necessary to do the job well. By breaking your questions into two categories – cultural and technical – you can design targeted questions to establish a candidate’s credentials.

Cultural Fit Questions

Finding a process engineer who is a good cultural fit is crucial. The candidate will be expected to work in a team and collaborate closely with colleagues.

According to Robert Walters Group, who conducted a study on the importance of workplace culture in recruiting top talent, 74% of employees who work at a company with a poor cultural fit felt demotivated. A further 47% also said they felt they were unable to work effectively.

Cultural fit is essential to productivity. Your process engineer will engage more with their work and you will see a better performance from a candidate with a good cultural fit than a poor one.

When establishing if a candidate is a good cultural fit, you first need to understand your company culture. What are your values? What is your company mission? What management styles do your executives use?

Questions you can ask a process engineer in an interview to help establish if they are a good cultural fit include:

  • What is your most successful work experience?
  • What is your least successful work experience?
  • How do you persuade your colleagues to go with your idea when they disagree with it?
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • Why do you want to be a process engineer at our company?
  • How do you spend your free time outside of work?

Technical Fit Questions

As well as cultural fit, you must ensure that the candidate has the skills and experience to take on the responsibilities of the role. Depending on the responsibilities of the process engineer job, the questions you ask may vary.

However, while the specifics of a process engineer role may vary greatly, the general skills a candidate will need include troubleshooting and process development.

You must ask questions that will help you determine how a candidate works, how they approach problems, and their level of critical thinking.

Examples of the type of technical questions to ask a process engineer in an interview include:

  • Our company has XXX process. You arrive at work one day and the product appears different from normal. How would you approach troubleshooting the problem?
  • What information is critical for an engineer to have when designing a new production process?

Some things to look in candidates’ answers include:

  • Structured answers
  • Using the most efficient and cost-effective solution
  • A logical approach to problem solving

To Sum Up

To succeed in finding the best candidate for your process engineer position, ask the important questions in their interview. Don’t only allow them to explain their training and experience, but figure out their methods for approaching problems and what their values are.

By finding a process engineer that is a great cultural fit, and who has the critical thinking to deliver quality work, you will not only find a productive employee but one that will stick around for the long term.

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