Is Now the Time to Hire for Manufacturing Engineers?

Hiring Manufacturing Engineers During a Global Pandemic

Are you hesitant about hiring for manufacturing engineers? The COVID-19-induced economic hit, plus the uncertainties surrounding the global economy, and being in a presidential election year, have dampened the ardor of many companies.

Yet the tide does appear to be turning. Not all industries have been treated equally by COVID-19, and manufacturing is one of the lucky ones that may even be benefiting from it. Manufacturing makes up a large part of the US economy and according to the BLS, in September 2020, it added 66,000 new jobs.

In this article, we discuss whether it makes good business sense to hire a new manufacturing engineer with the current state of the US economy.

Is COVID-19 a Blessing in Disguise for Manufacturing?

The intensity of the COVID-19 epidemic has had a huge impact on the US economy. One of the main things that it has highlighted is that the world has an overreliance on Chinese manufacturing.

Many countries, including the US, have now become painfully aware that they put all their eggs in one basket with China. Product shortages for things such as Ibuprofen and N95 masks came about quickly at the beginning of the pandemic. US politicians then led the call to start making more essential products domestically.

Should You Hire a New Manufacturing Engineer?

With the grim news you constantly see about the economic downturn, and the feeling of uncertainty around the future of manufacturing in the US, it is only logical to have concerns about hiring a new manufacturing engineer.

However, hiring does still happen during an economic downturn. There are many opportunities that you may be able to capitalize on during this period by hiring a new manufacturing engineer.

Some key things to remember are:

  • You should continue to hire for manufacturing engineering positions where they are essential, or to fill temporary or emergency needs.
  • It is okay to hire for manufacturing engineers even if you’ve had to lay off or furlough employees in other positions or departments. To adapt to the crisis, you may have to ramp up teams in certain areas such as engineering, while letting go of non-essential workers.

Scooping Up Top Talent

While manufacturing overall may benefit from COVID-19, some organizations have had to stop operations and close their doors. This presents a great opportunity for companies looking to expand their manufacturing team.

Top talent is very rarely let go. Due to the current pandemic, many top manufacturing engineers have been let go due to circumstances beyond control. You may now have a great opportunity to recruit top talent that would not otherwise be looking for a new position.

Here are some key reasons now is a great time to upgrade your manufacturing engineering team:

  • These opportunities don’t come around often. This is a unique time, and you may not have the chance in future to attract talent like that which is currently available and job hunting.
  • You need to act quickly. Many manufacturing companies are realizing that now is a great time to attract talent to their workforce. This talent won’t be available for long.
  • Fill skills gaps. Identify where your company shortcomings are and hire manufacturing engineers that can address your skills gap, making your company more efficient.
  • Develop and improve your team. You will improve the performance and efficiency of your team by hiring talented and top-performing manufacturing engineers. It may also present the opportunity to assess your current team and remove the lesser performing engineers.

To Sum Up

The global pandemic has had a huge impact on the US economy. While you do need to be more attentive with your decision-making, and budget spending right now, it does not mean you need to stop hiring.

Manufacturing engineers are often an essential part of the organizations they work for, and manufacturing as a sector has been relatively unscathed by COVID-19. As such, now could be a great time to hire and attract top candidates.

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