How to Make Your Electrical Engineering Jobs Irresistible in 2021

Hiring Top Talent for Engineering Jobs

There were 328,100 electrical engineering jobs in the US in 2019. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this number is set to grow by 3% (in line with the number of jobs in the wider economy) by 2029.

Your success is founded on the quality of your employees. With more companies fighting to fill their electrical engineering roles with top talent, competition for the best candidates is set to get tougher in 2021 and beyond.

In this article, we discuss a few strategies that will help to make your company, and your electrical engineering jobs, attractive to the most skilled electrical engineers in the U.S.

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Company Culture Is Key

To attract electrical engineering talent, creating an engaging engineering culture is essential. Every company has a unique culture that is built around company values. By creating an authentic and engaging engineering culture, you will attract not only top talent, but also talent that will work well in your work environment and with your current team.

When fostering your company culture, consider things like recruiting a diverse team, both in personal and professional terms. The more perspectives that your team can deliver, the better and more creative problem solving will be.

A diverse team will also help you attract more candidates. Females, for example, are a typically underrepresented group in engineering but are a growing presence in the workforce. A company that has females on their engineering team will be more attractive to other female electrical engineering candidates.

Emphasize the Importance of Work-Life Balance

Burnout is a real problem in the engineering sector. One reason a candidate may be looking at possible electrical engineering jobs is to escape the stress and anxiety of their current position.

Electrical engineering jobs often come with standard workweek hours. You can highlight in your job description, that employees are not required to work additional hours if they do not wish to.

You should also investigate salary and ensure that you are offering a fair pay for the city you are located in. You can look at other salaries for jobs with similar responsibilities. However, it is also important to think about things such as student debt, the cost of homeownership, and other financial obligations your employees may have, to ensure that the salary you offer will not put them under financial strain.

Sell Your Company as an Investment

A job search is stressful, which is why many candidates will wait it out for an offer they feel will provide long-term security and job satisfaction.

If you’re working on large projects, just signed a big contract, or have other exciting company news, share it with candidates. If you had a great year and can share revenues, do this too. Explain your plans and how your company is going to grow. This gives candidates the added feeling of security and can show them that your company will help them to advance in their careers.

Offer Perks

Top candidates for electrical engineering jobs desire great benefits. You should offer a competitive salary, but it could be the perks that swing the deal your way.

Things like 401(K), health insurance, training opportunities, or the ability to work from home or have flexible hours are all appealing to the most talented candidates. You might also consider benefits such as onsite facilities (such as a gym, pool, free meal in the canteen) and other creative options.

However, with onsite perks it is important to carefully navigate how you present these to your job candidates. You don’t want it to appear that you require your employees onsite 24/7.

Have You Made Yourself Irresistible for Electrical Engineering Jobs?

This year the electrical engineering sector is expecting to grow. More positions will be made available. The best candidates are likely to have a wider choice of exciting opportunities.

You challenge is to position your company as the top choice, by offering a competitive salary, great perks, a positive work environment, and a welcoming culture in a company with an exciting future.

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