How to Hire Talent for Engineering Jobs During a Skills Shortage

Recruiting Tips to Help You Hire the Best

Industrial engineering jobs are forecast to grow by 8% from 2018 to 2028 According to BLS. This is faster than the average expected growth across all industries in the US. With jobs growing so fast, companies need talent to fill their roles. However, there is a skills shortage in industrial engineering and with jobs growing so fast, it can only expect to widen in the coming years.  How can your company combat the skills shortage and fill your vacant roles with top talent?

Polish Your Brand

You can put all the time and energy you have into finding the best candidates for your engineering jobs – but if your company doesn’t have a good brand, will they want to work for you? Talented candidates have the pick of the bunch when they are looking for a new role. You must make them excited about the possibility of working for your company. Build a good brand and reputation. Make your company known for its great company culture, positive work environment, employee development, and fun perks.

Offer A Tempting Salary

According to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers cite salary as the leading factor of what they are looking for in a job ad. This should not be a surprising fact for anyone. Candidates with unique skills or skills in high demand, like engineering, command a high rate of pay. If you want to attract top talent you need to start by offering a fair wage. Look at the cost of living in your location and work out what is a fair salary for your engineering role. You can also look to competitors and see what they are paying their staff in similar roles. Matching or beating your competitor’s salary will help attract more talent to apply for your vacant role, especially if your competitor is hiring at the same time.

Train Your Current Engineers

Engineering jobs are skilled roles. If you are having trouble finding suitable candidates to fill your vacant roles, you may consider training up your current staff. Not only does this improve employee morale, but it can also be an effective way of retaining staff for the long term, saving you time and money in the hiring process.
Nurturing your current employees allows you to grow your own talent, and this will help discourage them from jumping ship to your competition. Employees want to know they have career development in their roles. If you prove they do, they are more likely to stick around for the long term.

Improve Your Hiring Process

If you find great engineering talent you will want to get them hired as soon as possible. They will probably be meeting with several companies, and by the time you give them an offer they may already have received an offer elsewhere. Your hiring process is your first interaction with your engineering candidate. Having a smooth, fast process with excellent communication presents you in a better light than competitors who may have a longer hiring process. This makes you appear a more desirable place to work.

Use A Specialist Staffing Agency

Using specialist engineering staffing professionals is a proven method for finding long-term talented engineering staff. There are many advantages to using a specialist recruiter and they can often help you attract high-quality candidates you would never have been able to reach through other methods. A specialist staffing agency can help you find top engineering staff for your vacant role by:
Knowing the market:
Specialist engineering recruiters know the current state of the market. They know what salaries candidates are looking for, where to find the best candidates, have an established network of talent to tap into, and more.
Personal relationships:
Specialist recruiters often have an established relationship with their candidates. They have a better understanding of their skills and what they are looking for in an engineering role. This allows them to put forward candidates who will align with your company culture and thrive in your role.
Talented engineers can be hard to find. Not all talent is currently looking for a role. However, specialist recruiters will know if your role is the right one to put forward to a candidate to make them consider leaving their current position.
Quality applicants:
Specialist IT recruiters will pre-screen your candidates. You save a lot of time and energy going through the first round of the recruitment process, reviewing CVs or having phone interviews with unsuitable candidates. You will end up only seeing the top talent that is well suited to your role.

MForce Staffing is a specialist engineering staffing agency. We work with some of the most talented professionals filling vacant engineering jobs across the United States. Whatever the engineering role you are looking to fill, contact MForce Staffing today.