How to Describe Yourself in an Interview

You’ve applied for a job, landed the interview, pulled up company details, looked at the job description multiple times, answered practice questions, and planned an outfit. You showed up to the interview (early). You’re ready for every possible question about your skills and ability to perform the job. That’s when they hit you with a personal question, “How would you describe yourself?” or “Describe yourself in 3 words.” After all that interview preparation, the last thing you want to do is get tongue-tied. To help, M Force has compiled a list of 8 words to describe yourself.
1. Communicative
Not only does this word relay a lot about who you are, but it also is a highly desired answer from companies. The word communicative says that you’re able to articulate information and problems effectively and professionally to co-workers, management, and clients. Being able to communicate verbally and non-verbally is an essential part of business and life.Communicative also implies that you get along with others and work well in teams. These are all traits that a company desires.
2. Persistent 
In business, it is inevitable that you will encounter problems. A quality that businesses want in their employees is someone who doesn’t back down from a challenge regardless of its difficulty. By saying you are persistent, you show the employer that you will put in the extra hours and work to complete the task at hand within the necessary time frame.
3. Reliable
Whether working among teams or individuals, employees need to be dependable. Everything you do affects the entire business. The company needs to know that you will show up to work, get your tasks accomplished, and contribute to the cohesiveness of the environment around you.

4. Flexible
Being flexible at work is a valuable trait to have.  You never ask, “Do I have to?” or complain that it isn’t your job. Instead, you can adapt to challenges and a changing environment.Whether it be new technology, a changing market, or changes at work, you welcome the new opportunities to grow.

5. Organized
Being organized means you are detail oriented. Companies like this answer because they can trust you to meet deadlines and provide quality work. This is an especially important trait for someone in administrative and project management roles.

6. Ambitious
Employers want to hire someone who likes what they do rather than someone who is there only for a paycheck. They want someone driven for success and growth. Someone who is willing to work beyond what is asked of them.

7. Team Player
Businesses need employees who can work well with others. Work is a very diverse place with a variety of different personalities and beliefs. The ability to come together and complete a common goal is for the betterment of the business is a necessity for it to thrive.

8. Impactful
Being impactful means that you make a difference at work. You’re not just another body warming a seat within the company. You are making changes, increasing profits, and adding value to the company.

Your answers should reflect who you are a person inside and outside of work. Need more help preparing for interviews? Our blog is filled with tips  and tricks to make your experience easier. Need even more help? Reach out to a recruiter at 865-246-2856.