Hiring for Engineering Jobs: 6 Hiring Trends to Follow in 2021

The Best Tactics You Need to Use When Hiring for Engineering Jobs

In 2021, the demand to fill engineering jobs is likely to grow rapidly. 2020 is behind us, and forecasts are that the economy will grow strongly as we navigate out of the pandemic.

The BLS forecasts that industrial engineering jobs will grow by 10% by 2029. With the rush back to work, competition for the top talent will be fiercer than ever.

In this article, we discuss the hiring trends that are likely to shape how you hire for engineering jobs in 2021 and beyond.

1.    The Return to Work

As the economy returns to some normality, we could see a bounce in activity. Mothballed projects will be reactivated. Demand is likely to pick up. Companies who were forced to let people go will be hiring again. This demand could make hiring the most talented into engineering jobs much more difficult.

2.    Hiring for Diversity

Hiring a more diverse team of engineers has huge benefits for your company. Problem solving improves and becomes more innovative as it benefits from a larger range of perspectives. Efficiency may improve, and financial returns follow.

It is important to note that diversity covers many elements, including race, age, gender, experience, and societal background.

3.    A Greater Need for Flexibility

Both employers and employees will demand greater flexibility. Companies will need to be more agile in their hiring. They will need to recruit for both short-term and long-term needs. It is likely that greater emphasis will be placed on flexibility of staff, allowing employers to react faster and more effectively as the economy evolves.

For employees, flexibility will mean satisfying the desire to provide a more meaningful work/life balance. For many, this will be achieved through contract positions and special project work, or by working for companies that offer greater flexibility in their work arrangements.

4.    AI Tools Will Be Used to Eliminate Hiring Biases

AI can screen candidates based on a wide variety of data points. It can help to predict who will be a good candidate for an engineering job much faster. Through AI, data such as technical qualification and experience can be analyzed efficiently, speeding up the screening process.

Most importantly, AI tools will help to eliminate unconscious biases of hiring managers. Don’t be surprised if there is more regulation in this area, with larger companies expected to demonstrate greater emphasis on developing and employing technology that removes potential bias in the hiring process.

5.    Technology Will Advance the Virtual Hiring Process

Your business likely had to adopt many digital technologies during the pandemic to support remote work, and minimize physical contact between vendors, clients, employees etc. These technologies should be embraced for the long term.

Virtual hiring will be a part of the future. In 2021, when looking for candidates for your engineering jobs you will need to create a smooth virtual process for both hiring managers and candidates.

6.    Developing a Relationship with a Specialized Staffing Agency

Hiring through a specialist staffing agency for engineering jobs should be a key part of your recruitment strategy in 2021. You’ll gain access to a deeper pool of talent – candidates of whom recruiters have established meaningful knowledge.

In turn, they can suggest what candidates will work well with your company. Those who will have a passion and drive for the type of work you do and who will fit with your company culture.

A specialist staffing agency will also be able to screen candidates more effectively, help you to remove unconscious bias, and offer professionals who can satisfy your short-term as well as long-term staffing needs.

Hiring for Engineering Jobs – Are You Prepared for The Future That Is Here Today?

We can expect to see engineering as a sector thrive in 2021. Hiring companies will need to adjust their hiring tactics and develop strategies that align with the trends that are likely to evolve through the next 12 months and beyond.

Partnering with a specialist staffing agency will ensure you get the best candidates for your roles, keeping your company on top and stopping your competition taking a leap ahead of you.

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