Millennials in the Workforce and What They Want

Currently, millennials are the largest generation active in the workforce. What they want out of a job is different from the generations that came before them. As the largest segment in the workforce, what they want is becoming increasingly important. If companies want to keep and attract good employees, they will have to be flexible […]

Common Job Searching Mistakes

Do you feel like you keep applying for every job, but you just aren’t getting it? Not only can searching for a job be a long and tedious process, add in a competitive market and it gets even harder. Sometimes a little mistake can make even the most qualified candidates miss job opportunities. Check out […]

How to Answer Personal Job Interview Questions

When you live and breathe your career, walking into a job and answer questions pertaining to your industry seem easy. You can tell them all about the projects you’ve worked on, industry trends, and growth that you’ve accomplished at your previous employer. The questions that catch me off guard are all the ones about myself. […]

Bring Holiday Cheer to the Office

Tis’ the season of giving. Whether it’s the giving of gifts, giving back to the community, or just turning up the holiday spirit and giving out kindness, every little thing counts. The tiniest bit of kindness can go a long way. There are  many ways to promote kindness in the workplace. Here are 12 ideas […]