Haley Wilson
Technical Recruiter

Where are you from?  What drew you to the staffing industry?
HW: I grew up in Bristol, VA/TN. I was drawn to recruiting and staffing because I have always felt like I could read people well, and I have a knack for match making and connecting the dots!

What unique perspective or experience do you bring to the staffing/recruiting industry that benefits your candidates?
HW: I have a Communication Degree, but not in the typical sense that many people think of when they hear that. My degree did not only focus on marketing and communications; my learning was also very in depth in the “how and why” people communicate the way that they do. I have always had a passion for digging deeper and figuring out the “why”, and I think that this trait helps me in my recruiting because I have a gut feeling for whether or not a candidate and a position are a great life match!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a candidate looking for a job?
HW: Hold out for the right position! Many people get tired of their current situation and want out so badly that they are interested in anything that comes along their path, even if it wouldn’t necessarily be the greatest long term decision. List the things that are important to you in not only a new opportunity, but within your personal life so that you can make sure that a company’s goals are in line with what you are really seeking!

How is M Force different?

HW: We truly take a personalized approach and really try to get to know our candidates and clients below the surface level. We emphasize the importance of being out in the market place to get to know other professionals face to face, so that when they think of M Force they think of us individually, not only as a business!

What’s one thing you like to do outside of work?
HW: I love spending time with my boyfriend and our dog, Luna! She is an Australian Sheppard and could literally keep us busy running around for hours.

What do you call a carbonated drink that comes in a can, bottle or from a fountain?
HW: I have never ever liked soft drinks… but if I did, that would be my coined term for them… not everything is a Coke!!

Tennessee Volunteers.  YAY! Or BOO!?

HW: Yay!! GBO!