Claire Macmillian
Professional Services Recruiter

Where are you from?  What drew you to the staffing industry?
CM: I’m from Virginia, but I was raised in Knoxville! I initially started as an intern for M Force, and I quickly fell in love with the staffing industry. I have always wanted to pursue a career that involved helping people, and I really feel like every day that I come to work I am doing just that.

What unique perspective or experience do you bring to the staffing industry that benefits your candidates?
CM: My degree in Counseling Psychology helps me relate and connect to each candidate individually. Each candidate is a different relationship for me, and I actively try to help them fulfill their potential by finding a great career for them.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a candidate looking for a job?
CM: Be yourself and know your worth. Also, don’t give up or get discouraged! Looking for a job can be a terrifying venture, but the right opportunity for you is out there.

How is M Force different?
CM: M Force provides a totally unique candidate experience. We have a personal approach to what we do that really sets us apart from other companies.

What’s one thing you like to do outside of work?
CM: I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and most importantly my dog Elvis. Also, I teach dance on the side as well!

What do you call a carbonated drink that comes in a can, bottle or from a fountain?
CM: A soda or a soft drink – a Sprite is not a Coke people.

Tennessee Volunteers.  YAY! Or BOO!?
CM: After living in Knoxville most of my life, it feels wrong to say anything negative about the Vols. So, yay!