7 Strategies to Stop The Best Manufacturing Engineer Joining Your Competition

Staff Retention Tips for Manufacturing Organizations

For the long-term success of any company, retaining top staff is vital. With a new industrial age in full swing, manufacturing engineer jobs are playing a key role in many companies. From AI and robotics to automation, many sectors are relying on talented manufacturing engineers to keep their operations running smoothly.
Losing these talented staff can be devastating to your company’s success and bottom line. In the US, employee turnover costs over $160 billion a year. So how can you overcome the challenges in the current talent market and hold on to your best employees?

Retrain to Retain

A study by Deloitte showed that the current skills gap in the US could leave 2.4 million positions in the manufacturing sector unfilled between 2018 and 2028. That’s a grim outlook ahead. A great way to combat this and protect your current employees from outside competition is to train your current staff. Give them the opportunity to grow and show them you are invested in their careers.

Perks and Benefits

If your current offerings aren’t on par with your competitors, you may find your manufacturing engineers looking to the competition for a new role. Get creative with perks and benefits offered as part of the job. These can be things like:

  • Paid time off for volunteering
  • Free snacks, coffee or paid lunches
  • Discounts on big ticket items
  • Company car
  • Bonuses
  • Early Friday releases
  • Flexible hours
  • On-site gym

Perks can make your company stand out and improve the morale of your staff. It also improves your reputation as your manufacturing engineers start talking about all the great perks of working for you.

Use Your Talent’s Skills

No one wants to be in a job where their skills aren’t being utilized. Your manufacturing engineers will want to be challenged and stimulated in their positions while also feeling accomplished. Give your employees tasks that use their skills and help them to feel as though they are adding value to your company.

Make Staff Feel Appreciated

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Notice when your staff do a good job and tell them. Simple things like hearing “good job” can have big impacts on employee morale. In addition to simply telling your manufacturing engineers they are doing well, you can also reward them. Promotions, bonuses and gifts are great ways to show your appreciation and help retain your top employees.

Provide Quality Management

According to the Harvard Business Review, 50% of high-performing employees expect to sit down with their management at least once a month. However, only 53% of the survey’s participants feel they are getting the necessary feedback from their managers. Making time for one-to-one meetings with your staff is vital to making them feel seen and keeping them motivated at work. If they feel underappreciated or that their career is stagnating because they are not getting the support they deserve, they will look to your competitors for better opportunities.

Never Create a Negative Atmosphere

If times when your company isn’t looking so great, never threaten an employee’s income or job security. You may go through periods where layoffs seem imminent, but telling your employees this will create tension and unrest. They will start to feel insecure in their role and look elsewhere for other opportunities even if the layoff never happens or would not affect them. Think before sharing information that can make the future of your company uncertain, as this will make your talent pull out their resume and start looking elsewhere.

Offer a Fair Wage

While a great work environment and good company culture are prominent in employee retention, salary is still at the top of most employees’ lists when they are looking for work, with 44% of employees in the Randstad Employer Brand Research study stating low pay as the top reason they left their previous employer.

Demand for talent is high in the manufacturing industry, so offering a competitive salary is key to keeping your top talent. Research the cost of living in your area and make sure the compensations you are offering for your jobs are fair. You should also research how much your competitors are offering and ensure you are matching it.

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