Why Can’t You Hire the Best Maintenance Technician Candidates?

Recruiting Top Maintenance Technicians When it comes to recruiting maintenance technicians it can feel like an impossible task to find a talented candidate. With numbers of maintenance technicians forecast to grow by a whopping 13% between 2019-2029, it is a candidate’s market. As an employer, you need to work hard to attract the most talented […]

Why Do Your Best Process Engineers Start Looking for New Jobs?

Retaining Your Most Talented Process Engineers With the engineering skills gap growing quickly, it is more important than ever to work hard to retain your talented process engineers. According to a recent survey from Deloitte and SEMI, around 82% of executives reported seeing a shortage of qualified technical candidates for their engineering positions. If you […]

How to Hire for Manufacturing Jobs with a Staffing Agency

Improve Your Hiring Success If you’re hiring for manufacturing jobs, you may be considering using a staffing agency. Perhaps you already are, but the candidates you’ve been presented with have been disappointing. According to a survey by Manpower, almost half of employers struggle to find candidates with the right skills. Working with a staffing agency […]

What Key Soft Skills Should Your Next Quality Assurance Specialist Possess?

Critical Shortage of Skilled People Hiring the best Quality Assurance Specialist is crucial to the success of your company. Yet, it’s hard to find the right person. The manufacturing industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving. Many predicted a decline in jobs as more artificial intelligence and technology was introduced. The reality is different. There is a […]